New Art City Theatre Presents

Festival ’24

April 25th, 1 & 7 PM


April 26th, 1 & 7 PM

April 27th, 1 & 7 PM

April 28th, 1 & 5:30 PM

Anonymous     Barbara Meister     Jean and Walt Wood


As this first year is very special, we have some very special thanks to give…

To the NACT Advisory Board (who have recently become the NACT Board of Directors)
For stellar support and unparalleled enthusiasm.

To Betsy Chess
For opening her beautiful home to NACT – twice!

To Kevin Clerici
For his patience and guidance on all things Downtown Ventura.

To Lynda Girtsman
For her time and talent in arranging the beautiful art auction that is the backdrop for Festival ’24.

To Paul Lindehard
For the loan of so many pedestals from his wonderful Art City Studios.

To Michelle Nosco
For invaluable insight and assistance on curating the art auction.

To The Festival ’24 Reading Team
Bob Boles, Brian Drischell, Lynda Girtsman, Julie Hamman, Mady Julian, Anne Paul King, Zelie Pforzheimer, Seryozha La Porte, Michael Lattig, Tom Mueller, Madeline O’Rourke, Lane Stalbird, Aimeé Stork, Deanne Todd, James Valcq, Kelly Ward, Jean Wood, Walt Wood, Margi Wray and Joanne Yabrof.

To Our Sponsors
For leading the way; Anonymous, Barbara Meister, Jean and Walt Wood, The Crowne Plaza, Hofer Properties.
Also our Community Sponsors
Ventura Music Hall and Ventura Spirits. and our Community Partners; Fausset Printing and Signarama.

To The Ventura County Community Foundation
For their assistance in the early days.

To Volunteer Chair Judy Russo,
For her tireless work, and direction of her incredible Volunteer Committee – Ann Bardo, Penny Barnds, Lois Fischman and Kathie Hira.

To Greg Wray
For always saying yes!

And our sincerest thanks to the generous donors who support NACT

(For donations between 4/25/2023 and 4/25/2024)

$25,000 and up

Barbara Meister
Jean Stockard Wood and Walt Wood

$10,000 – $24,999

Hammer Hewson Investment

$5,000 – $9,999

Betsy Blanchard Chess
William Kearney
Sandy and Neal Lassila
Loretta and Michael Merewether
Lorraine Paskett
Judy Russo
Becky and Steven Snyder

$1,000 – $4,999

Caplin Foundation
Freddie Contarino
Laura Dekkersd
Judith and Mark Fleischman
Julius Gius Memorial Rotary Foundation
Anne Paul King
George Poulakos
Searle Creative Group LLC
Gwen J. Silverman
Lane Stalbird
Deanne Todd
Susan Van Abel
Ventura Music Hall LLC

$500 – $999

Sally and Tom Mueller
Jennifer Pyken and Michael Tavera
Lale Welsh and Jon Drucker

$250 – $499

Theresa Brenner-Farrell 
Lois and Roy Fischman
Julia Hamann
Ventura County Community Foundation

Up to $249

Jennifer Berger
Michelle Carlen
Mary Kay and William Doubek
Jodi Farrell
Joshua Finkel
Patricia Lathrop-McPherson
Margi and Greg Wray

A Word in Support of The Arts

We want to acknowledge the professional performing arts organizations on the Central Coast that have paved the way for emerging companies like New Art City Theatre; 5-Star Theatricals, Ensemble Theater Company, Kingsmen Shakespeare Company, New West Symphony, The Ojai Music Festival, Rubicon Theatre Company, and The Ventura Music Festival. If you don’t yet support these fine groups, we encourage you to find them online and buy a ticket to see their work!